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Meanwhile, we look at issues which employers need to consider when deciding whether their overseas employees need to, or can be, auto-enrolled. And for those currently in legal disputes, we look at how success in court translates to costs and awards.

Finally, we would also like to personally invite you to Tunisia2020, the biggest conference on investment in the last 10 years.

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In this edition, John Abbott, Head of Dispute Resolution at Silverman Sherliker LLP, looks at some important developments in the world of Arbitration, while Munazza Hollingworth and Edward Powell analyse the implications of the Brexit vote for private clients.

And Nicky Buchanan, an independent mortgage adviser specialising in overseas property, shares her views on buying a holiday home in Mallorca in our expert guest feature.

Arbitration Update Ė Third Party Funding

John Abbott, Head of Dispute Resolution at Silverman Sherliker LLP, looks at some important developments in the world of Arbitration.

Arbitration has long been a preferred means of resolving commercial disputes. The advantages it has over litigation are; 1) arbitration is generally quicker than national court systems; 2) it permits the parties to choose the laws to be applied and where it is to take place, which mean the parties can select a trusted neutral legal system; 3) it is private and preserves confidentiality; and 4) the parties have a greater degree of control over the process than litigation would afford.


Implications of Brexit Vote for Private Client Property and Assets

The European Union, with its 28 Member States, is a bloc of very significant wealth.  Its combined population of around 500 million people, or 7 percent of the world’s population, owns approximately 20 percent of the world’s exports and imports. With the UK set to leave the EU’s sphere of control, it is worth considering how Private Client law will be affected by ‘Brexit’. Munazza Hollingworth and Edward Powell, of Silverman Sherliker’s Private Client department, explore the certainties and uncertainties.


Donít miss out! Your invitation to the Tunisia2020 international conference

The Tunisia2020 international conference, in support of Tunisia’s economic, social and sustainable development, will bring together more than one thousand local and international companies engaged in Tunisia’s economic renewal.


Auto-enrolment: Assessing your workforce - workers based outside the UK

Legislation that came into force on 30 June 2012 requires all employers in the UK to automatically enrol eligible workers (i.e. an employee working under a contract of employment) in a pension scheme and pay mandatory minimum contributions. This article sets out some of the issues that employers need to consider when deciding whether their ‘mobile’ employees need to or can be, auto-enrolled.  Amelia Garman, of Silverman Sherliker’s Employment department, explains.


Litigation: Success and costs awards

With litigation, the General Rule is that the court will order that the losing party pay the successful party's costs.

The term successful however may not always be simple to determine. It is useful to note here that judges have a wide discretion when making an order as to costs and the amount to award, if any. Daniel Walter, a Trainee Solicitor in Silverman Sherliker’s Litigation department, examines the details.


Buying a holiday home in Mallorca

Following the Brexit vote we have been taking soundings from a variety of industry experts in the UK and abroad. This month, Nicky Buchanan, an independent mortgage adviser specialising in properties in Mallorca, shares her view.


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